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Surface Pro

In order to get Links 2003 working on your Surface Pro follow these steps.For the Surface Pro


  1. Follow the steps on this page:
  2. Then you need to apply these settings to LinksMMIII.exe found in your Links 2003 folder
     - Windows Compatibility Mode: Windows 7
     - Display Settings: Scaling on high DPI
  3. Once you start the game go into Options, then Graphic Settings and choose a 32bit graphics mode.
  4. That's it!

Please Note: If Links displays an error about "minimum screen resolution required by Links is 800x600". you may need to go into your Intel Graphics Control Panel and create a custom resoltion of 800x600. Once you do that you should be able to start the game and change the resolution to something higher by starting Links 2003, click on Options, then Graphics Settings.




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