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Links 2003 Mulitplayer Connection Issues

Note: As an alternative to the Direct IP method of connecting there is a program called Game Ranger that simplifies the multiplayer process.



If you cannot seem to complete the process of connecting in a multiplayer game, the most likely cause is that the ports required for multiplayer games are closed or blocked by firewall software on your system.

To troubleshoot general ports issues, please try the steps outlined in this technical support article:

DirectX: Ports required to play on a network

General Rules of Thumb for Multiplayer Connections

1. You need to allow DirectPlay ports through your firewall if you have a network router.  Configure Port 47624, and ports 2300 to 2305 for both TCP and UDP. For information on how to configure the ports please refer to your router documentation.
2. You need to set up port forwarding if you're using a network router. See this page:
LSPN Post on Port Forwarding

3. You need to allow LinksMMIII.exe access through Windows Firewall or any other software firewall you may be using.



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