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CoCreateInstance DirectPlay Error

When starting Links 2003 in Windows 8/10 and you receive the error below:

ERROR : FAILED (0x80040154 - WINERR_Class not registered ) - CoCreateInstance(IDirectPlayLobby3A)

There is a work-around that involves using the Directx 9 Control Panel snap-in to install DirectPlay. This is not an official fix so you do so at your own risk. You must be logged in as an administrator in Windows.

1. Download and run the DirectX CPL File

2. Once the DirectX Snap-in is open, go to the Direct3D tab 

3. Uncheck 3D Acceleration, then check it again. 

4. Click on the Apply button and then Click OK

5. Windows should ask you to install DirectPlay - install it

6. Once complete try running Links 2003 once more




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