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Editing Career Mode Rosters

To change the way virtual players score during a round or to change their appearance, you can modify the player rosters. After modifying a roster you must start a new career in order have the changes take effect.

To modify a roster:

  1. Start Links 2003
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on Season Manager
  4. Click on Rosters

The first roster to appear is the amateur roster. You can select a different roster from the Roster Level drop down control.

Virtual Player Scoring
In order to change the way virtual players score you'll first need to understand how scoring works.

Virtual players scores are based on a sine curve. There are four fields that affect scoring:

  1. Target - This is the score the virtual player will shoot for on average.
  2. Var - Is the variance in score, or the amplitude of the sine curve.
  3. Length - This is the length of one cycle of the sine curve in rounds. 
  4. Start - On which round to start on in the length

For example:

Virtual Player: Jerry
Target: 70
Var: 10
Length: 10
Start: 0

The sine curve starts at 0 with a score of 70 and moves downward giving Jerry better and better scores. As the curve comes back up the scores start to go up with it giving him higher scores. At the lowest point on the curve Jerry's score would be his target, 70, minus the Var, 10, for a score of around 60. At the highest point, his score will be around 80.

Scores calculated here are the base scores used. Now come the Score Modifiers

Score Modifiers
Score modifiers are used to introduce even more variance to scores that will allow players to overtake others, crumble under pressure, or achieve victory under harsh conditions.

You can edit the Score Modifiers for all players by clicking on Edit All Modifiers. To edit individual modifiers, double click a player and click on the Edit button under the Modifiers heading.

You can set the initial confidence level from the main roster editing area. Depending on the confidence level, virtual players' scores will be affected by the values in the From and To fields. From being the minimum value and To being the maximum value.

Confidence Thresholds
Confidence thresholds are the points at which a virtual player's confidence level will be changed.

Virtual players have the chance that they'll feel pressure. If they do feel pressure there's also a chance it could help them or hurt them. The pressure values will take the place of confidence values if pressure is felt. If it helps them, the number of strokes will be subtracted from the players score. If it hurts them, the strokes will be added.

The From value is the lowest number of strokes they could receive
The To value is the highest number of strokes they could receive
Chance Felt % is the percentage that they could feel pressure.
Chance Helps % is the percentage that the pressure felt will help them

These values will affect a player's score based on the wind conditions

Green Firmness
These values will affect a player's score based on the firmness of the greens

Green Speed
These values will affect a player's score based on the speed of the greens





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