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Golfer Utility Instructions

The Golfer Utility lets you edit the textures of Links 2003 golfer animations to change their appearance. Modifying the animation texture files requires a graphics-editing program such as Photoshop. Only non-professional golfer animations can be modified. Use the Golfer Utility to extract texture files for editing.

Extracting files from golfer animations

1. Start the Golfer Utility.


2. From the File menu, click Open.


3. Select an animation file from the PolyAni folder in the Links 2003 directory (for example, Laura.l3) and click Open.


4. Select .tga file(s) to edit.


5. From the Archive menu, click Extract Selected Files.



6. Choose the location for saving the extracted .tga files and click OK.

7. Exit the Golfer Utility.

Now use a graphics program to edit the extracted files. When editing texture files, do not rename any fields. For best results, keep each texture's properties.

Important: Only power-of-two textures up to 1024 x 1024 are supported by Links 2003.

Adding files to golfer animations

1. Start the Golfer Utility.
2. From the File menu click Open.
3. Select the same golfer animation file you selected in step 3 above and click Open.
4. From the Archive menu, click Add Files.
5. Select the modified texture files and click Open.
6. From the File menu, click Save.
7. Enter a new golfer name and click OK.

Caution: Enter a new golfer name or the existing animation will be overwritten.




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