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Convert up to 39 Links LS courses for play in Links 2001 or Links 2003. Head to your favorite tournament site and start competing on your favorite classic courses on Links today. Conversion and installation is a snap; just download and run the files you need from the list below and you'll be playing in no time.

If you have already converted your courses for use with Links 2001 and want to use them with Links 2003, simply copy the courses from the Links 2001\Courses folder to the Links 2003\Courses folder. Any course that you now use with Links 2001 will work with Links 2003—no conversion is necessary.

Barton Creek

Note: You must have an original course CRX file either on your hard drive or the Links course CD-ROM to convert.

St Andrews

St Andrews conversion files are now available and are included in the Course Converter or are available separately from the list below!

When converting St Andrews' old course please note that the version of St Andrews that was bundled with Links LS '99 will have the same course name as the version bundled with Links 2001. These two courses will appear to be the same but are not compatible for multiplayer games. You will be able to tell the difference by the course logo when choosing a course. The Links 2001 version looks like this:


Windows XP Support

The Links 2001/2003 Course Converter and each of the course files have been updated to support Windows XP!

Mac Support

Course Converter for the Mac version of Links CE is available at the Bold Games web site:

Using Course Converter

There are two ways to convert your courses. The first is to download the master file containing conversion information for all 39 courses. After downloading, run the file to convert old courses to the new format and place them in the Links 2001\Courses or Links 2003\Courses folder.


Or, download individual conversion packages around 1-2 MB each for a specific course. After downloading, run the file to convert the old course to the new format and place it in the Links 2001\Courses or Links 2003\Courses folder.

For step-by-step instructions visit the Links Encyclopedia.





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